The Studio

We are a sculpture studio that for over 50 years collaborates with artists and sculptors to produce marble and granite sculpture of all dimensions. This can mean producing the entire sculpture from the provided model or assisting the sculptor by roughing out a work to save time. 

Several sculptors have made Studio Sem their base and retain a small personal studio space with us to facilitate our constant collaboration. Since our space is limited we cannot offer personal studio spaces to but a very few professional sculptors on a temporary basis. We are a family of artists and artisans that work closely together so it is important to all of us that the sculptors who work in the spaces are interested in continuing to learn and remain open to dialogue with all the other members of the studio. 

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We have moved out of Pietrasanta to the countryside of Camaiore into a new modern building, just over the city line from Pietrasanta. We love Camaiore and the fabulous view of the mountains and most of all the constant breeze from the sea in the summer. We now have an enormous olive grove and sculpture park behind the studio for exhibitions.

Located on the northwest coast of Tuscany, 6 km from the beach and 30 km from the 1,200 mt summit of Mount Altissimo. We arejust 4.5 km south of Pietrasanta. Due to the proximity of the Carrara marble quarries, artisans have created marble sculpture and architectural ornament in the area for centuries. The surrounding territory offers an array of support industries and suppliers such as specialty tool shops, marble and granite suppliers, transporters, crane services, specialized machine shops, mold makers, clay enlargement studios, 7 bronze foundries and much more. It is a virtual paradise for the sculptor with professional support at every turn.


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