A family of artisans bound by knowledge, experience and pride

Keara McMartin (Photo: Erio Forli)

Keara McMartin (Photo: Erio Forli)

Keara McMartin  Director and partner

Since 1986 Keara was the right hand of founder Sem Ghelardini's, taking over the directorship in 1991.  She is co-partner with Sem’s son Pierangelo and an artist herself; applying all her creative knowledge to encouraging and guiding both the artisans and artists working at the studio to produce the best they can. She administrates the studio business, goes to the quarries to scout blocks for the team, coordinates the cost estimates, production schedules and is the graphic designer and photographer for the studio.

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Pierangelo Ghelardini (photo: Erio Forli)

Pierangelo Ghelardini   Artisan and partner

The most creative of founder Sem Ghelardini's 3 sons, Pierangelo is a co-partner with Keara. He manages the artisans and the production of sculpture in the studio, chooses blocks, sets up the cutting of blocks and is responsible for ensuring the saftey of the artists and artisans. He and his family work hard to run the vinyard that Sem began, producing some of the finest wine in the area at Il Feudo.

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Davide Cancogni (photo Sebastiano Leta)

Leonardo Buratti (photo: Erio Forli)

Leonardo Buratti (photo: Erio Forli)

Evelina Ravaglia

Evelina Ravaglia

Lorella Santini


Davide Cancogni        

Davide is a very versatile artisan and particularly adept at intricate work, executing lettering and intricate, minute carving with patience and a steady hand as well as figurative and abstract sculpture. His intuitive sensitivity when working directly with an artist makes for a fluid and relaxed collaboration.


Leonardo Buratti      

Leonardo is a very creative craftsman but also our 'wizard' of tech and the source of many technical solutions. He is a fine draftsman, sketching out solutions for the visually oriented and making the complex seem simple. He manages all the robotic work we execute at the studio, scans models and trouble shoots digital files. He helps to choose stone with Keara and Pierangelo and marks the cutting of blocks. Leonardo many times roughs out and finishes sculpture of all dimensions but he also lends his skills of plaster casting and teaching whenever needed.


Evelina Ravaglia

Evelina is a very creative and adapatable member of the team; eagerly partnering with a team of 'sbozzatore' to roughout a monumental sculpture and wielding a huge angle-grinder all day beside the men as well as incising intricate designs into travertine. Holding her own side by side with the team has earned her their respect if not more than a little admiration.


Lorella Santini      Office Manager

Lorella manages much more than the office. She is the voice of calm and reason that the artists and artisans turn to when they need a solution for anything from how to create an export document to shipping sculpture worldwide. She is our liason between everything that is made at the studio and the how and when it all gets shipped around the globe.

We would be lost without her adept skills at research for projects that require background, history and story. Her creative ingenuity is valued by the whole team.